All you need to know about homecells

What is a G12?

A mentorship of disciples

What is a homecell?

A Homecell is not a church, its also not a prayer group. It is a gathering of believers for fellowship purposes. A platform to win people in Christ and edify them.

Role of homecells

  • To win souls. without them we cannot grow the kingdom of God.
  • We edify one another, gives social and spiritual support.
  • To Nurture the gift of God in you. Enemies of homecells – the devil, he doesn’t want you to serve God

How do you run a homecell

  • Have a clean venue, great atmosphere
  • Ready and welcoming. The investment you put on a thing, determines its value.
  • Do not run homecell as a church. Don’t be a mini bishop. Homecell is informal
  • Infomal, friendly and welcoming
  • Do not preach in your homecell. In a homecell where not everyone talks-people will leave!
  • It is not a place to lay hands on people. If someone needs deliverance bring them to church.

If you would like to be placed in a homecell please call us on 011 443 5705 or come to the church office for assistance

Let’s Pray with Pastor Alph Lukau

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