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AL Partnership is a 6 month commitment to pledge monthly one of the below packages:

Platinum Package

R30 000.00 Monthly for 6 Months

Diamond Package

R15 000.00 Monthly for 6 Months

Gold Package

R10 000.00 Monthly for 6 Months

Silver Package

R5000.00 Monthly for 6 Months

Or make a direct deposit to: Nedbank South Africa
Account Name: AMI Holdings
Account number: 1080 846 344
Branch Code: 197005
Ref: AL Your Name
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ

Online Giving

Payments and Partnership Payments.

No Refunds on any bookings or Donations will be made through payments received. Giving is done by free will.

Paypal Donations

Online Donations

IVP Payments France

Bank name: Novobanvo
Account number: 000488152986
NIB: 0007 0000 00488152986 23
IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0048 8152 9862 3
Origin: B0007 SALDANHA
Currency: EURO

IVP Payments SA

Bank Name: Nedbank South Africa
Account name: AMI Holdings PTY LTD
Account number: 1080846344
Branch code: 197005
Swfit code: NEDSZAJJ
Bank Branch: Sandown Branch

Tithes and Donations

Bank Name: Nedbank South Africa
Account name: Alleluia Ministries International NPC
Account number: 1205827692
Branch code: 19700500
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ